Ancient Greek οὐ- „not“ and tópos „place“

A utopia is the image of something that has not yet found its place in the world. It is a thought that can become reality, must become reality, so that the world – external or one’s own – can be led to a better one.

Life is subject to constant change. To adapt to continuous change is an ever new challenge, to be able to help shape this change is a gift of man.

In this striving of life for change and further development, the ability to think utopically is a fundamental competence of human beings.

Our work is therefore always also liberation – liberation and encouragement to think utopically, so that new paths and new places can become reality.

New paths

Create outstanding


verb (used with object), trail-blazed, trail-blaz-ing.

to blaze a trail through (a forest, wilderness, or the like) for others to follow.

to be a pioneer in (a particular subject, technique, etc.).

verb (used without object), trail-blazed, trail-blaz-ing.

to work or serve as a trailblazer.

adjective, trailblazing

introducing new ideas or methods; innovative or pioneering.

noun, trailblazer(s)

the first person to do something or go somewhere, who shows that it is also possible for other people.

a person who blazes a trail for others to follow through unsettled country or wilderness.

2030 Agenda

in 2015, all UN member states signed the 2030 Agenda – the largest social contract ever concluded by humankind. The 17 goals describe the most urgent challenges of the future and call on both governments and civilians to help realise them.

A utopian idea of a balanced and healthy world for the whole planet, for all living beings.

Efforts to take on the current challenges and lead them to something good, atmospheric and just for all are increasing at all levels. Also the certainty that this is only possible together.

Eight years remain.