On the road – Unterwegs

Being on the road has always been a central element of our work – even during the long period of fidelity to our educational project. As a foundation of learning, networking, encountering and developing the inner and outer world

Leaving behind the known and familiar; setting out into new unknown worlds

The most beautiful ideas and the most sustainable projects came into being while we were on the road – in the unplannable and unpredictable

Being on the road is our profession – we collect, report, tell and document about it – and support people and organisations in their departure and on their way.


Digital Nomads

since March 2020


Aika, Flat Coated Retriever


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Digital Nomads since March 2020

Switzerland – Business address

trailblazing GmbH
Hauptstrasse 41
CH-9477 Trübbach

Berschis – CH

First travel stationProject management
Rietli Buchs, preparation co-isolation nursing home Werdenberg, lockdown rest and nature
View from the office, March 2020

Werdenberg nursing home – CH

12 days of co-isolation at the Werdenberg nursing home, which is sealed off by the Corona requirements, April 2020

Winterthur – CH – Part 1

Collaboration in setting up the Filasez School, realisation of the documentary film „Voice of the Evening“, Lockdown Atmosphere
Outside Office, end of April to end of June 2020

Kappel Monastery – CH

Company foundation, financing Voice of the Evening, first website trailblazing, photo and film material Stars Hirundo, Fischer and Koch, assistance in setting up the fundraising campaign School Filasez

View from the office, July/August 2020

Winterthur/Buch- CH

Conclusion of „Voice of the Evening“, Paragraph 58c, final work Rietli, travel preparations

Mentoring School Filasez
Home-Office, August 2020

Finca Baobab – Andalusia – ES

Olive, avocado and almond harvest, basil cultivation, financing Rietli stage 3, website Kino Online, research Paragraph 58c, website vivante.education, community of destiny during the partial shutdown

Outlook for the Office, September 20 to May 21

Kritzendorf near Vienna – A

Research and meetings on Paragraph 58c, book and film idea, vine care and harvest, apricot harvest, project development film input, political turmoil and renewed Lockdown
Office also outdoors, May to October 2021

Casa Farola – Andalusia – ES

Olive harvest, research work, taking a deep breath, launch of the website „La Ferme de Rosery“

Office in the winter sun, November 21 to January 22

Portsall – Brittany – FR

Place of power, source of inspiration, letting things happen, connection with natural power and tides, website „La Ferme de Rosery“, further development of website „trailblazing“, „Le Contes“ collection by Colette Avril, encounters
View from the Office, January to May 2022

On the road

…and always on the road.

On the road