Dear friends and acquaintances
Dear people who are interested and curious about our Way Forward

At the beginning of March, we handed over the keys to Scuola Vivante, put away our household goods, cleaned the flat and handed it in.
Ready to go on our journey. Things turned out differently.
The short version is The more detailed version is here below.
We would be happy if you read on and accompany us on part of the journey.

First stage of the journey „Rietli upgrading project
During the first weeks of the lockdown, we were given hospitality in Berschis and Buchs. Jürg used the time to accompany the „Rietli team“ in the transformation of the meadow area into the original pond and moor landscape. The warmth of spring and the standstill of public life attracted crowds of walkers and cyclists to the local recreation area on the outskirts of Buchs. There was much appreciation and joy about the second stage of development that was taking shape. The website provides an insight.

In co-isolation in the „Care and Hospice in Werdenberg
The second door opened shortly before Easter. For twelve days we went into co-isolation in the nursing home „Pflege und Hospiz im Werdenberg“, which had been completely closed in spring. We moved within the same radius that was accessible to the residents. Open to what we would encounter. With us was a film camera, photographic equipment and an audio recording device..
An insight can be read in the current Werdenberg Yearbook (PDF).

This time was also intensely touching, as our mother/mother-in-law, a resident in the nursing home, unexpectedly began to open up to the dying process during these very days. She is known to some of you as a Latin teacher at the Freie Volksschule Werdenberg.

In Winterthur
We were then given unlimited right of abode by filmmaker Michelle Brun (Mare Nostrum, Tele Vivante, Kefalonia Project) and her family in Winterthur. We used the lockdown hours together to look through – and evaluate – the material collected in the care home. Michelle Brun took over editing and dramaturgical design. The 20-minute film „Voice of the Evening“ was produced. The flyer is attached.

We used the second half of our time to support Michelle Brun and André Hochueli in founding the school and the association „Filasez“. Our broad experience in setting up schools enabled the young initiative to move forward with rapid steps and to start „Filasez“ in August. A look at the website is worthwhile. Support as well.

Founding of the company in the Kappel monastery and meeting with the Sterna Hirundo
The heat weeks took us to the countryside. In the monastery of Kappel am Albis we celebrated the founding of our company „trailblazing GmbH“ – storytelling and consulting – created the trailblazing website, finished the film „Voice of the Evening“ and enjoyed the walks along the Türlersee as well as the film and photo sessions with the Common Tern Sterna Hirundo at the Horgen harbour – a next film project idea.

Cinema Online during the olive harvest
After the internal previews of „Voice of the Evening“ for the residents in the nursing home and for the staff in the Werdenberg cinema, we packed the car and headed for Spain. Always with us was the thought: how can we make this current socio-political and yet so poetically touching film, which raises the question of how to deal with the ever-aging people in our society and their place in our lives, widely accessible. During the contemplative work of harvesting olives with friends on an Andalusian finca, the idea came: Cinema Online.

We cordially invite you to an evening at the cinema, to enjoy music and travel, to talk and have a fine aperitif at the cinema bar. In addition to „Voice of the Evening“, there are three other films by Michelle Brun to choose from, including „Mare Nostrum – A Concert. A Journey“. With free cinema admission. This is our and the other artists‘ bread and butter.
And feel free to spread the word!

The way ahead
It goes on. Where to, we don’t know yet. There are ideas in the air. Projects that we are supporting. Letting the new grow. Also being able to wait. Listening. Listening to life. Patience and courage for the future. In this challenging world situation.
We wish you the same, beautiful winter weeks, much confidence, joyful work.

Best wishes
Veronika and Jürg

P.S.: This is our last collective newsletter. The address list of Scuola Vivante is now archived.
But it will be nice to hear from you sometimes in the future.
…and where is actually..

We would like to thank you for your start-up contribution. It helps us to have an even broader impact.

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