Lake Türler. A nature reserve near Aeugst and Hausen am Albis. Close to Kappel Monastery. A popular local recreation area, especially now in the hot summer days. Forest and water are an attractive destination. Day after day. Full car parks, children laughing, splashing around, exploring in rubber dinghies. Full of the joys of life.
Aika, our dog, also enjoys cooling off.

And then, on a Monday in August: silence. Nothing more. Almost eerie, though perhaps beautiful for nature. Only a few people left, older ones. Or unemployed. Otherwise emptiness. Still glistening sunshine.

The school gates have swallowed the children again. Locked away from life. In classrooms that have to be aired out every 30 minutes so that no Corona infection happens. Enough oxygen gets into the lungs and the brain. And on the tray or a worksheet you learn about frogs and newts . About water birds and do movement exercises next to the desk.

A world of its own.

Above all peaks
Is peace,
In all the treetops
You feel
Barely a breath;
The birds are silent in the forest.
Just wait! Soon
You too will rest.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)