Sterna Hirundo

The music to the film „Voice of the Evening“ gave rise to this idea. Or actually the name of the formation: Hirundo Maris. The musical and partnership of the Catalan Arianna Savall and the Norwegian Petter Udland Johansen

They chose the name of the common tern Sterna Hirundo because its bird migration repeatedly connects the rough, powerful coastal landscape of Norway with the lovely, gentle Ebro delta south of Barcelona. The two artists seek and live this connection in their music.

The original travel and film idea resonated with us with this encounter. The borders were still closed, but internet research led us to a breeding ground for the Sterna Hirundo: Horgen on Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

We found a place to stay nearby in the former Kappel Monastery. Early morning and evening photo and filming sessions brought us into contact with this elegant flight artist

We missed them when they broke down their tents on the flat roof of the boathouse in late summer and headed south. In November we decided to follow them. The film and photo material is ready for further development.

Key data

Period of research / filming

July – August 2020

Work idea

Love stories, film

in development

Interview partners

Matthias Richard…

Recording location

Horgen harbour/railway station

Birdlife Zurich…


trailbazing GmbH


Seminar Hotel „Kloster Kappel

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