since April 2020

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What we are working on

Habitat mosaic Rietli-Buchs

Supporting school construction Filasez Winterthur

Documentary film „A New World“ (working title), continuation of Paragraph 58c, script development

Fairy tales from France and around the world, raconté par Colette Avril, a collection

In idea development


Sterna Hirundo – love stories


Recipe book for networked learning

Youth book

Lost happiness, a story of escape during the 2nd World War, from the research work on Paragraph 58c

This is what we have done

Society / topicality

Corona situation in a care home – 12 days in co-isolation, April 2020


Voice of the evening
Short documentary about living and dying

Cinema Online

Development of the streaming platform and

Nature / Habitat

Website for the horse retirement home „La ferme de Rosery“ in France –

Learning path Rietli-Buchs, documentation website –

Politics / topicality

Research on Paragraph 58c – regaining Austrian citizenship, politics and family history

On the way

Research on interesting projects, encounters, immersion in new landscapes, vineyard care and grape harvest, avocado and olive harvest, basil cultivation, story collection – blog


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