Some key points of our professional work in the fields of travel, education, culture, biodiversity and art.

2020 – 2021

Habitat mosaic Rietli Buchs SG
Planning, project management and financing of the last stage.

Filasez sin viadi
A school where learning takes place in contact with the world
Support/consulting/mentoring and accompaniment of the Filasez association in Winterthur in the development of the educational initiative filasez.ch

Wildblumen GmbH
Consulting and encouragement in the development of the WildflowerNatureGarden
Patrick Reck, Rebstein CH

Voice of the Evening
Idea, realisation and production of the short documentary film „Voice of the Evening“
Director Michelle Brun
Flyer Voice of the Evening (PDF de)
(Web en)

Structure Cinema Online

trailblazing GmbH
Founding of trailblazing GmbH, Storytelling, Consulting and Productionswith
headquarters in CH-Trübbach SG

2007 – 2017

Educational campus vivante in Morocco
Support for the development of the école vivante in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. As a source of inspiration and know-how, we supported the development of the école vivante, which today, as part of the campus vivante, provides a solid education for over a hundred children and young people. With the permaculture project, the reforestation programme, as well as the integration of hearing-impaired children, the educational campus vivante has become an invaluable asset locally and is a model for schools in emerging countries.


Towards new horizons, 2010 (PDF de)

The recreational programme „Brütwerk – die Tüftelwerkstatt“
Initiation and financing

The Brütwerk is a success story – the playground for technically, artistically and creatively interested tinkerers from the age of nine has spawned numerous imitators in Switzerland. The idea and the orientation of the Brütwerk fits into the social development and digital revolution. The wealth of ideas, technical understanding, the ability to develop problem-solving strategies, to leave well-trodden paths and to creatively open up new paths are among the skills that are currently needed.


Annual Report 2012 (PDF de)

Launch and organisation of the „Jugend Technikum“ at the National University of Applied Sciences Buchs NTB
Once a year, for 12 years, three experimental lectures for children and young people in the fields of chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, mathematics and microtechnology filled the large lecture hall at NTB Buchs. About 4000 children and young people took advantage of this offer, regardless of their school possibilities.

Press report 2007 (PDF de)

Programme Flyer 2008-2019 (PDF de)

2012 – 2019

Concerts with Jordi Savall
Organisation of the counters Orient-Occident, Mare Nostrum and La Sublime Porte with Jordi Savall and Hésperion XXI, one of the leading musicians and music historians of early music. The EU appointed him „Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue“ and UNESCO awarded him the title „Artist for Peace“.

Programme Reading Booklet Orient-Occident (PDF de)

Vivante Productions – „Mare Nostrum – A Concert. A Journey.“
Initiation, production and distribution of the film „Mare Nostrum – A Concert. A Journey.“ about the concert Mare Nostrum with Jordi Savall and the educational trip of the students of Scuola Vivante to their partner school in Morocco.
Directed by Stefan Haupt and Michelle Brun, 2015. The film received much international recognition and attention. Subtitled in all eleven national languages of the musicians involved


Mare Nostrum Press Booklet (PDF)

Upgrading project Rietli Buchs
Initiation and implementation of the „upgrading project Rietli“ Buchs together with the pupils, the team and the parents of the Scuola Vivante. An approximately 3.5 hectare large former moorland area, which was drained in the course of melioration and used for fodder production, was restored step by step to its original state. This ecological project, which enjoys a lot of sympathy among the local population, was financed by the public sector and foundations. Trailblazing GmbH is taking over the project management of the 2020-2023 stages.


Teenage mothers – Community Focus Group Kenya
Supporting a committed group of artists in setting up an educational project for teenage mothers in Kenya.
CFG-project (PDF)

1993 – 2019

Establishment and management of Scuola Vivante, CH-Buchs SG.

„becoming who you are at the core of your being

The innovative power of this educational initiative consisted in the unique and consistent implementation of networked and meaning-oriented work. The teaching tool was the world. Being on the road, educational journeys, connectedness with nature and working on larger projects were an integral part of the curriculum. in 2013, Scuola Vivante was awarded the Swiss School Prize, and since 2010 it had been part of the UNESCO Associated Schools

Blog Archive Scuola Vivante 1993-2019

1986 – 1992

Years of teaching, learning and travelling together through Peru, in various Swiss school communities (projects, substitutions), horticulture, on horseback as Mümära’s travelling theatre to Greece and back, then living on the Herzenberg (Maiensäss stable) and in the upper Rüti (former farmhouse without electricity) up to many years of commitment with the establishment of a free school.