Care in Werdenberg

March 2020. The current circumstance with COVID-19 influences and determines our plans and our lives. The open globalised world is at a standstill, doors are being closed, people are keeping their distance from each other, existential fears are increasing

A new idea of travel is emerging: What is it like for people who, after an effective life of independence and self-reliance, suspended in the family structure, now live sealed off from the outside world in the care of a nursing or old people’s home. What questions arise, what opportunities lie in this new situation?

Anticyclically to the current world situation, the management opened the doors to „Pflege im Werdenberg“ for us, with the necessary security arrangements

So the first stage of our journey led us, together with our technical equipment – into isolation

During twelve days, over Easter, we moved within the same radius that is still open to the residents, made contact with them and the nursing staff – friendships were formed – journeys into countless life stories, far back into the past century.

Key data

Care in Werdenberg

CH-9470 Grabs

Time span

04. until 16 April 2020


Jürg Mäder


Veronika Müller Mäder


trailblazing GmbH