How a request for the foyer of the KINO-ONLINE website recalls a childhood dream…
To look at, to touch and to pass on

VeronikaAbout a month ago you had asked me for a self-written song that I could perhaps make available to you, possibly something more cheerful. The style might not be exactly what you had in mind, but now I have at least one song that will even be available for purchase online (on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify) from tomorrow (11 December).

Michelle conceived and put together the whole video. I added the subtitles in the video. Everything happened very quickly. I wrote the song at the beginning of November, recorded the music here at home and delivered it to a friend via e-mail before adding the vocals afterwards. I left the mixing to my friend, who is a producer anyway, and now the song is released. My childhood dream comes true.

Here is also the link to the song on Spotify, Amazon, etc. :

Best wishes and a Merry Christmas to youPhil
and Michelle, Shotton, Wales

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