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Due to the Corona measures, various events that would have shown the film „Voice of the Evening“ and which would have helped us to secure some of the remaining funding were cancelled

Due to this situation, we decided to take the exploitation of the film into our own hands and set up the online platform and its English-language counterpart for this purpose

The expansion of the offer is now taking place successively

„Take your time. Stroll through the foyer. Take a seat in an armchair. Lean back. Let yourself be touched by images and music. Also knowing that in the house next door, in the next town, across the national border, on the other side of the ocean, someone else is watching the same film at the same time. Enjoying this brief connection, exchanging views in the commentary forum and turning to the next step in the day’s work in an invigorated way. Cinema enjoyment at home and yet connected to the world. That is Kino Online.“

„Dear cinema-online-switzerland-makers, discovered you these days through What a wonderful offer you are making – thank you very much!“

„Yes, at the moment Corona is making life difficult for the whole cultural sector. But it’s nice when there are innovative ideas like this. We wish you every success.“

„I think it’s quite great and I’m amazed at your creative and great ideas, and the strength and courage to implement them.“

„Such a wonderful project. Congratulations.“

„I congratulate you on your initiative to move forward in these difficult times using online solutions.“

Key data

Project creation

November 2020

Project status

active; the streaming platform can be further expanded


trailblazing GmbH


Films by director Michelle Brun

  • Voice of the evening
  • Mare Nostrum – A Concert. A Journey
  • Tales Wander
  • Encants

Web design

Veronika Müller Mäder

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