„Nothing happens until something moves.“

Albert Einstein

„Filasez“ (Rhaeto-Romanic for „self-walker“ or „self-runner“) stands for the child’s inner strength to develop and grow by himself, supported by the trust and in the company of adults and his social environment.

The Filasez is an independent forward-looking educational initiative in Winterthur (CH). Launched in August 2020 with kindergarten and the aim of covering the entire compulsory school period, the expansion with primary level followed in the school year 2021/22.

Trailblazing GmbH was at the initiative’s side from the very first idea. We were able to contribute our knowledge and experience in a wonderful complicity with the founders.

Key data

Start impulse

March 2020

Start of school

School year 2020/21 Pre- and Kindergarten

School year 2021/22 Start primary level


Michelle Brun, André Hochuli, Rahel Fässler, José Suarez


Filasez Association, Winterthur

Project support

March 2020 until May 2022

Support in setting up and further development by us in a partnership of accomplices

from May 2022

Advisory mandate as needed, on behalf of


The teaching tool of the Filasez is the world. As a result, learning is based on a deep understanding of contexts and becomes meaning-oriented