dear Veronika
, thank you very much for your email and the news from your life, which is now following such new paths – it is wonderful to see how versatile you are and how actively you are contributing your competences in so many different areas and with so many different people.
I am impressed by your fields of activity and the never-ending innovation, creativity and encouragement you radiate. I was especially touched by your first blog entry and the quote from Marianne Williamson’s book.

Thank you Veronika, that you existed and still exist! Your words and encouragement of the first years accompany me again and again and strengthen me until today.
At that time I wrote a kind of thank you appreciation to you, I would like to publish it on our blog – what do you think, is that ok for Jürg and you?

I am very happy to read from you, to hear from you or to welcome you back here after so many years!

All the best to you, a wonderful blessed end to the old year and for 2021 freedom, health, fulfilment and God’s blessings!

Dear Stefanie
What a wonderful Christmas gift, your mail. The appreciation, warmth, friendship, connection. Jürg and I are very happy.
We often stand in front of the house we live in here in the countryside in Andalusia, overlooking the sea, and look across. When the visibility is good, some of the peaks of the Atlas Mountains are visible. And we think of you. With the best thoughts and feelings.
Thank you also for your words of appreciation. It is beautiful how the work is spreading. And how all the initiatives can go their own way.
If you would like to put the text on your blog, you are welcome to do so. And if it’s right for you, I will also publish it on the trailblazing blog…
All the bestVeronika

Farewell to Jürg and Veronika and the Scuola Vivante
(Link to the blog „campus vivant’e“)

An excerpt of their work together can be seen in the film „MARE NOSTRUM – A Concert. A Journey.“. In the box cinema of, in eleven language versions.