The documentary film „Voice of the Evening“ is set in a retirement home that is closed to the outside because of Corona. The walks only reach as far as the garden inside the home, the blossoming flowers bring back memories – I wonder what it looks like at home?

Margarete writes letters to her granddaughter, friends and family, bent deep in her wheelchair, and in her diary she processes the heartfelt questions and complaints of the last stage of her life.

Although one knows that one is going to die, this stage of life should also still have a quality in it – this is the deep concern of Mathias, the home’s director. But why are we afraid of death and do we know the needs of people in old age?

Lived experiences are carried into the world as resources for our society and so the people in the film become bearers of hope in particular in this time marked by distance.

„Voice of the Evening“ – a poetic homage to people in their final stage of life and to all those who enable them to live in dignity.

Director Michelle Brun
Production trailblazing GmbH, Veronika Müller Mäder and Jürg Mäder
Music Arianna Savall Petter Udland Johansen
Duration 21 minutes
Original language Swiss German, German
Subtitles German, English (scheduled: French, Italian)

Premiere in November 2020