Christmas letter of the Filasez, here also as PDF

„Tie your cart to a star“

Leonardo da Vinci

Dear friends and patrons of the Filasez

This sentence by the universal genius Leonardo da Vinci „Tie your cart to a star“ seems a bit strange: Normally you tie a donkey, an ox or a horse to a cart. After all, you need a force to move the cart forward, to occasionally pull it out of the mud. Tying it to a star is actually an excellent fit for our and the Filasez‘ pedagogical work. We let ourselves be guided by our life dreams, our visions and our goals – an inner source of strength that propels us forward, promotes the courage to go our own ways and empowers us to shape the world.

Thus, in building Filasez, we have had some stellar moments that have already been given to the young company.

In August 2020, the Filasez started in the Schützenhüsli with five kindergarteners, accompanied by Andrea Birchler and the French language assistant Daisy Berthoud. A lively and fun-loving group of children set out there day after day to explore the world. Knowing that this place can only be a temporary home for the Filasez because of its small size, we continued to work in the background towards our goals of building a comprehensive school that would cover the entire compulsory education period. Similar to a young plant that first has to develop its root system before it can reach for the sky, we did so. Shortly before the end of the school year, an interplay of many positive events emerged that made us reach for the stars. We were able to rent 560 m2 of space in Park 5 in Winterthur Hegi from the Foundation for Art, Culture and History at wonderful start-up conditions, the demand for school places increased significantly and many supportive people stood by us and encouraged us to take this step.

So we look back on an eventful and successful year. The start of school in August 2021 in the new premises, the kindergarten expanded with a primary school under the direction of János Rumpel and a tripling of the number of pupils was a wonderful experience for everyone. The group quickly grew together as a team. We enjoyed setting up the space with the involvement of the children, parents and friends. After a short time, the bare former office space was transformed into an exciting learning world. The good cooperation and the concentrated atmosphere carry our inner image of a school with a people-oriented atmosphere in which learning is a joy. Read more on our blog.

On the funding side, our constant efforts have also borne fruit. With the help of many small and some big supporters, we were able to pave the way for the next steps into the future and secure part of the three-year start-up funding. If you would like to know more, please ask for our three-year business plan. We would like to thank all of you here who have supported the Filasez. Be it through a small or large donation, through donations of good material, through active help or through your good word – you are parts of the star to which we have tied our cart!

We wish you a wonderful Advent season with many starry hours.

Kind regardsMichelle
Brun, Managing DirectorAndré
Hochuli, Association President

The Software AG Foundation has promised us a matching grant of up to EUR 10,000. This means that every donation up to a maximum of EUR 2000 will be doubled by the Software AG Foundation up to this total amount. We ask for your generous help. Donations to the Filasez can be deducted from your taxes. Thank you very much!

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