In addition to working on our own projects, we support individuals and teams in the implementation of their ideas or on the way to a new stage of life.

We are interested in and fascinated by: new paths, the realisation of life dreams and utopias, courageous and pioneering initiatives.

We offer: Experience from various fields of activity, broad know-how, unconventional approaches, diversity of ideas and a belief in the future-oriented and beautiful.

We advise, tell your story, go on a search for ideas with you, help with concrete questions, support in implementation.


Shaping transformation


The courage to set out

Supporting people and organisations in their personal or corporate development.

Accompanying people into a new phase of their lives.


From vision to reality

Supervision, coaching and organisational consulting. Complicity in the establishment or further development of NGOs and educational institutions


Portraying beauty

Storytelling about projects and people through film, photography, sound and words.
Collaboration in audio-visual productions.


Finding words

Collaboration on project documentation and company profiles

Web design

Creating visibility

Creation of personal or project websites.