I wanted to send you information about our 2021 Cohorts in the Train 100 Girls Project. Kindly find attached their profile and stories and why they have been enrolled for our skills training in 2021.
Pamela Ateka, founder CFG Kenya

Name: Sweety
Age: 17 years old

Personal Goal
To work hard and be able to sustain herself and the baby who is on the way. To be able to support her parent financially in future.

Her Story
Sweety is the Last born in a family of six. She come from a very vulnerable background in a very remote village. Her parents are primary schools drop outs who have struggled all their life raising their children in very difficult circumstances. Her father works as a herdsman in a nearby homestead and her mother is a house wife. Sweety dropped out of school in class 7 when the parent could no longer afford to pay her tuition fees. She has always been a girl with no hope to achieving anything in life. Having no skills or experience to earn a living and due to desperation and lost of hope she was lure into having a relationship with a boda boda rider who promised her support and a brighter future. After she got pregnant and shared her news with the man, the relationship ended leaving her depressed.

She was happy to hear about this program from her friend and she became interested to follow up to see if she could get this opportunity to gain a skill in hairdressing to be able to earn a living and support herself. Sweety is 5 months pregnant and her zeal to have a better life has not stopped her to transvers all the barriers of walking long distance and stress to avail herself to learn and bring change to her life.

Her future dream is to own a business and help other girls who are facing similar challenges and have lost hope in life.

Playing football

Name: Melvin
Age: 16 years old

Personal goal
To be the best student in this training and be able to mentor other girls in the same situation she is facing.

Her Story
Melvin is the third born in a family of five. She is coming from a humble family whereby her father earns a living by offering transport services with his bicycle in the neighboring remote area and her mother works as a day bug for any client who needs her services and she also washes clothes for household as a means of fending for their family. Life has been so tough in their family and her parents have struggled to take them through school. She dropped out of school in class six when her parents could not afford her tuition fee. She has been home helping her mother when she goes to cleans client’s clothes hoping that one day an opportunity will open up for her to go back to school. 

During the corona when she was going to search for firewood in the woods, she was raped with a villager in their nearby area. They reported the issue to the chief in the area. They were taken in circles for a very long time until the man ran away from the village to avoid facing justice. It has been a traumatizing moment for her having to carry an unplanned pregnancy for 9 months with no option for safe abortion. She is currently 7 months pregnant having a difficult moment to come into terms with the pregnancy. She came across this program through a friend, who knew her story and she was willing to help her overcome her fears and help her find a meaning in her life.

Her goal is to become a successful woman who can depend on her own to earn a living that is sustainable.


Direct giving 
Community Focus Group train young women in Kayole Nairobi county of Kenya who have dropped out of school because of pregnancy, Your donation will give a young woman the opportunity to acquire the skills needed to forge a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families.

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